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Dr James Bayley
Dr James Bayley

I studied physics at Bristol University and have a PhD in Nuclear Fusion physics from Imperial. I worked as a nuclear fusion physicist for 10 years before founding a start-up during the dotcom boom. Managing a business during the boom and bust years gave me a solid understanding of business challenges.

My core strengths are analysis and execution. At the beginning of an engagement I will work with the client to establish the present status and ideal state and once this is agreed I will help ensure that the project stays on track.

In recent years I have began offering Non Executive Director (NED) services. I was Consultant CIO at one organisation and I am presently a Governor at a Maintained School that is going through a turnaround.

I am a prolific blogger on technical issues including Windows, server technologies and cryptocurrencies. You can find more out about my interests on these sites

I established Doctor-IT Limited to deliver my freelancing services in 2005 and  traded as ElephantPM. I rebranded as TrianglePM in August 2018. TrianglePM will be the title of my book on project management for small teams.

Doctor-IT Limited which is registered in England with registration number 5367721 and its registered office at 5 Gordonbrock Road, London, SE4 1JA.

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