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Dr James Bayley
Dr James Bayley

TrianglePM is the trading name of Dr James Bayley. I am a freelance project manager working in London, UK.

I have have over 20 year’s experience helping organisations manage challenging growth and turnaround objectives.

My clients have including public and privately held companies, charities, the UK Government and the United Nations. The one thing they all have in common is the need to develop high quality, robust, technically sophisticated solutions as quickly as possible. I am expert in the major project management methodologies including PRINCE2, RUP and Agile (SCRUM).

I offer a wide range of services including,

  • Troubleshooting and Reviews
  • Starting up a Project
  • Project Monitoring
  • Non-Executive Director Services

Troubleshooting and Reviews

Sometimes projects go badly wrong and everyone is confused and miserable.
This is particularly true of software projects where the business people and the developers may lack a common vocabulary and understanding. There are many problems that are commonly encountered including:

  • Delivery dates that slip and slip again with no end in sight
  • Key components that are always “95%” complete
  • System faults that cannot be resolved
  • Impossible requirements that “can’t be changed”
  • Changing scope but fixed delivery dates
  • Stakeholders failing to support the project properly

Over the years I have encountered everyone of these problems and many more. One thing that I have learnt is that it better to address the situation realistically than ignore it and hope things improve because they never do.

As an independent expert in a wide range of technologies I am well placed to come in and help solve your problems and get your project back on track.
If a project is going wrong, the sooner it is put back on track the less it will cost. If you are reading this you would probably benefit from a quick Project Review. This can take as little as one day and provide you with a valuable independent assessment of the risks in your project.

If you would like to discuss your project please contact me and I will be pleased to assist you.

Starting up a Project

The success or failure of most projects is determined by the effort put into the start-up stage. If the stakeholders cannot agree on what will be built, or fail to resource the project adequately it is doomed to fail. Conversely, if they decide what they want, resource it appropriately and give clear directions to the team, the project is almost certain to meet expectations.

The key deliverables of our project start-up product are the Business Plan, Project Plan and Stage Plan. They will be presented to the Business Owner for review at the end of the Start-up stage so that they can make an informed decision on whether to proceed.

The start-up stage typically takes between 2 weeks and 1 month but our consultant will only be on hire for part of that time. The key elements of the Start-up product are:

Kickoff Workshop

An Initial meeting with the Business Owner to establish goals, constraints and sensitivities.

Discovery Workshop

Brainstorm out everything about the product and its potential futures

Business Plan Workshop

Work with the business owner and their team to create a business plan suitable for driving the project.

Business Product Workshop

create more detailed descriptions of what the project will produce

First Stage Planning Workshop

decide what the first stage will make

Project Planning Workshop

make work estimates and propose resources for the project and first stage

End Stage Review Meeting

Present the Business Plan, Project Plan and Stage Plan to the Business Owner for approval.

Project Monitoring

I can provide Project Monitoring for well set-up projects. This is a natural follow-on to our project start-up service but can also be useful when you need interim cover for your own staff. If you have an existing project that is having problems then check out my troubleshooting service.

If you are starting up a project or need help to monitor one that is already running please contact me.


Non-Executive Director Services

I have been a director of my own companies and a trusted adviser to many of my clients. I am currently assisting a maintained school during a turnaround project by acting as a Governor (pro-bono).

If you are interested in my NED services please contact me.